Retire Early with a Lifestyle Arbitrage Strategy

Surely, most people would love to reach their retirement goals faster. By taking advantage of retirement arbitrage strategies, such as location or lifestyle arbitrage, retiring sooner is certainly a possibility. Watch our video to find out more about this strategy and how to use it to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor earlier in life.

I Bonds: What You Need to Know to Earn Nearly 10% on (Some) of Your Money

I-Bonds, issued by the Federal Government, have become very popular this year (2022) as inflation is top of mind (and financial news) for most people.

What’s the Best Investment You Can Make? Partnering with a Financial Advisor

Nobody wants to hand over the money they worked so hard for without a good reason. Hiring a financial advisor is no different in these times of simple online brokerages and streamlined apps. Since the stock market is as accessible as ever, one may find themselves pondering the necessity of a financial planner. Indeed, however, there is a multitude of reasons why partnering with a financial professional is one of the most profitable long-term investments one can make.


On the surface of things, investing is basic enough. Plus, there are a plethora of guides floating around the internet explaining overall strategies, plus more than a few ‘get rich quick’ schemes waiting for a gullible investor.

Are you Striving for Mediocrity?

One of the fastest-growing trends in investing today is passive index investing. Since 2019, this style of investing has outpaced active investing and the trend only appears to be gaining steam. Why is that?

Dividends Don’t Add Value to Your Portfolio

Dividend-paying stocks have long been loved by investors and are often a staple of a retirement income plan. But how do they really work and are dividends all they are thought to be? Watch our short video to find out.

Retirement Income Webinar

Check out this FREE webinar to determine how much savings you'll need for a comfortable retirement income.

Foreign Service Pension System

Check out this FREE webinar describing the ins and outs of retiring utilizing the Foreign Service Pension System.

5 Things That Have Changed In Modern Retirement Planning

People are retiring (living) for a lot longer.

The Social Security system hasn’t been around for even 100 years yet. When it began making regular payments to Americans back in 1940, the average retirement age was 65… and so was the average life expectancy for those that made it to adulthood. At birth, the life expectancy was actually only 58 due to the high infant and child mortality rate. It was normal to work your entire life and then pass away after only a very short (if any) retirement. Oh, how things have changed!

Life expectancy has risen dramatically over the past century and today is almost up to age 80.

Jump-Start Your Financial Plan For 2021!

What new goals are you trying to reach in 2021?

Are you focusing on your physical health by joining a gym and cleaning up your diet? Are you throwing yourself into your career in order to earn a promotion? Or maybe, like millions of other people, you are using January’s fresh start to find renewed motivation and make a financial plan to get out of debt, save more, or reach a financial milestone, whether that’s purchasing a vacation home or retiring.

And while setting goals can be a healthy way to focus on what matters in the new year, 80% of resolutions fail by February.…

Most People Are Unknowingly Borrowing Tax Money from the IRS, Are You?

Did you realize that you’re taking a small loan from the IRS each time you contribute to your IRA or 401K?


Well, are you contributing to a tax-qualified plan, like an IRA or 401(k), as a way to save for retirement?


Millions of Americans are, every payday. This is slowly and steadily creating several ticking tax time bombs for you, just waiting to go off in retirement, or sooner in some cases. If you’re tired of borrowing from the IRS and don’t want the burden of a tax lien on your retirement accounts, read on.


Your Tax Deductions are a Loan


Here’s a secret.…

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