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Hi, I am Jimmy Miller. I’m a Certified Retirement Planning Counselor and the founder of Baobab Wealth Management, a fiduciary wealth ma ere we specialize in financial independence planning for Expats as well as cross border financial planning for mixed nationality couples (the Globally Minded).


What Inspired You to Become an Advisor?


I grew up listening to my Mom talk about investing and the importance of saving for the future. I realized from a young age the sense of peace, security and dignity that successful financial planning and investing can provide. This inspired me to enter the financial services industry right out of college almost 20 years ago.


I have always loved the work of financial planning, but I became an advisor for Expats to partner with clients through their financial journeys without all the Wall Street speak that can be confusing, and frankly, unhelpful. Growing up as an expat myself, I saw first-hand the costs and opportunities of a global lifestyle and I knew I could really help people make the most out of their international adventures. International working, living and traveling can be extremely rewarding, and expensive. It also comes with a myriad of financial issues and risks most people don’t even realize. I love to help people make the most of living and travelling overseas.


Can You Tell Us About Your Practice?


I like to think of my practice as a destination for the globally minded to discover their financial potential. My clients don’t want to just get by, they want to thrive! I’m proud to say I have clients all around the world, and we meet when our travels cross paths or virtually when it’s convenient for them.


Our partnership really is about maximizing the chances that they will achieve all the things that are important to them in life.


What Are Your Investing Values?


I have a deep commitment to an investment philosophy that is evidence based. I don’t do gambling, guessing or smoke & mirrors. We simply invest to minimize risk while maximizing expected returns. One key aspect of successful investing is keeping investment costs low, because the number 1 predictor of low investment returns is high investment costs. That’s why my advisory fees are about half of the industry standard and why my clients hold investments that allow them to plan for the future.


Why Should I Hire a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?


Having expert financial advice in your life is really about both creating value and avoiding mistakes. Some financial mistakes can be unrecoverable, so our work together helps to ensure that never happens to you. I’m a fiduciary financial advisor so that I can do business without conflict or hidden agendas.


I always invite prospective clients to imagine what life will feel like when you have a personal chief financial officer helping you manage all the aspects of your family’s financial affairs. To know that your I’s are dotted, and your T’s are crossed and that your plan is in motion. That you’re on your path to success! That’s true financial piece of mind and that is the value of a fiduciary
financial advisor.


What happens when someone works with you?


There is so much transformation that occurs in one’s life when they get their finances in order and have a financial plan in motion. This feeling like Yeah! Their relationships get better, they’re way more excited about their future and it’s one less thing to worry about. In fact, many of my clients tell me that one of the reasons that they love working with me is because they know that I am
taking care of the worrying for them!


What makes working with you (Baobab) different?


I am not your mother and father’s financial advisor! A couple things that make me stand out are…


1. I use the latest technology to make investing and understanding your financial future easier. From online access and e-delivery to video updates on your portfolio.


2. My fees are about half of the industry standard. I keep my overhead expenses low so that I can enjoy a global adventure type lifestyle myself. My clients are not paying for a big fancy office somewhere. I meet many of my clients virtually when it is convenient for them or when we cross paths traveling.

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