How Baobab Wealth Helps You!

Have you ever gone down a rabbit trail researching a product or business only to find yourself overwhelmed by the glut of information and even less prepared to make a decision? In other words, does information overload cause decision fatigue? 

That’s the last thing you need, especially when it comes to your money. You likely spend a lot of your time worrying about whether your hard work will result in a secure financial future. You just want to find someone you can trust who will do the worrying for you while getting you closer to financial independence and financial peace of mind. 

What Does Retirement Mean To You?

What do you think of when you hear the word retirement? Spending your days on a golf course? Doting on your grandchildren? Traveling to your heart’s content? Doing absolutely nothing for the first time in your adult life?

For many, retirement conjures up images of carefree days, no responsibilities, and no schedule. While some eagerly strive for that, others cringe at the thought of no structure or plans. If you find the idea of having nothing to do unappealing, or maybe even flat-out depressing, here’s a new definition of retirement to consider: Retirement doesn’t just mean not working; retirement simply means increased freedom for your time and finances.…

We’re Never Too Busy To Help Someone You Care About

Many people say that the most important things in their life are family, happiness, health, or a sense of purpose. While money may not top that list, it affects every part of your life and can give you the security and stability that positively impacts the things that matter most. Unfortunately, managing money often leads to stress and worry. That’s why an advisor plays one of the most prominent roles in a person’s life, forming a long-lasting relationship and providing trusted counsel.

But how do you find an advisor who you can trust and want to work with for the long term?…

What Is A Fiduciary And Why Is It Important?

When it comes to achieving your financial goals, you deserve to receive the advice and recommendations that will ultimately be in your sole best interest. What that means is that the advice you receive should, first and foremost, help you achieve your financial goals…above anything else.

What if I were to tell you that not all financial advisors are obligated to act in such a manner for their clients? It sounds outlandish, but that is the current reality of the financial services and the advisory landscape.

However, don’t dismiss the entire industry just yet. There are indeed some financial professionals out there that will always look after your best interest, and they are called fiduciary financial advisors.…

What We Do And How We Can Help

Financial planning is like planting a tree. You plant your time, resources, and energy, allowing your investment to grow deep roots. You don’t dig it up every few months to check on its progress, but, instead, you let your fledgling tree face the forces of nature and grow stronger and more resilient as time goes on.

The Baobab tree, in particular, is known as the “Tree of Life.” Not only can this tree live up to 3,000 years, but it also produces a superfood fruit that releases energy, strengthens the immune system, and improves digestive health. As far as analogies go, we manage our clients’ finances with the Baobab tree perspective, planning for the long-term and making decisions that will strengthen their financial situation for generations to come.

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

Sometimes the things you enjoy and the things you have a knack for merge together and you find yourself with the opportunity to make a career out of your passions and skills. That’s my story of how I became a financial advisor. 

When I was young, my mom and I would often have conversations about finances and how important it was for me to invest in my future. From that point on, my interest in the financial world was piqued. As I got older, I noticed that people in my life would come to me with questions about investing and other financial matters.…

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